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Belstaff, initially born in the motorcycle racing circles, accompanied some of the greatest explorers from the XXth century and has since become a fully fashion brand. Strongly linked to the past, Belstaff’s clothing are constantly referring to the great icons of the past such as Lawrence of Arabia, Steve McQueen or the pioneering aviator woman, Amelia Earhart.
The brand embodies the new classy biker style, between elegance and aerodynamic cuts, luxurious and high-tech materials.
The founders Eli Belovitch and his step-son Harry Grosberg, are the first to ever offer a complete range of waxed cotton items with their new brand, Belstaff.
Che Guevara goes on his Latin America tour … wearing a Belstaff jacket.
The clothing crisis that is cracking down on England forces the Belstaff manufacture to shut down.
The brand is reborn in Hollywood in the biggest action movies such as Aviator with Leonardo Dicaprio, War of the Worlds with Tom Cruise or Sweeney Todd with Johnny Depp.
Belstaff | Robert Dodd