Robert Dodd Showroom

Robert Dodd Showroom

Robert Dodd Showroom

We specialize in the introduction and promotion of Iconic brands and new talent for the French market. Robert Dodd has 3 showrooms in the smart and trendy area of the Marais in Paris.

Each showroom offers a coherent, focused brand environment in the medium to high end market, displaying each brand in a personalized space with a dedicated professional to welcome the buyers in the most effective manner.

The sales team has a wide knowledge both of their products and of the French market. There is a strong team spirit in the company, established in 1994, with many members of the team having worked since the beginning or for many years. They are all employed on a yearly basis to follow the clients and the market.

In between the various selling periods and wherever possible, the commercial team is out on the road, in the stores helping the clients with sell-through and focusing on brand visibility, positioning and prospects.

Keeping a close contact with the buyers and staying focused on one market are essential when building a brand and establishing winners in the French market.

For those brands with a developed retail concept, the showroom looks for the right partners in the key areas of France to develop corners in existing stores or with new franchises.

The majority of these are long standing clients.