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Collection: Men & Women
Created: 1924
Founder: Eli Belovitch and Harry Grosberg
Distribution: France, Andorre, Monaco

1924: Founder Eli Belovitch and son-in-law Harry Grosberg start working together to make a line of waterproof garments for men and women.

Belstaff is the first company in the world to use waxed cotton in the manufacturing of breathable, waterproof apparel. They had an ongoing dedication to unprecedented innovation in product development. They registered the ‘Belstaff’ trademark and opened their first ‘Army Navy and General Store’ in 1927 on Stafford Street

They started using the Belstaff logo. Harry Grosberg decided to put the symbol of a rising phoenix on the logo – signifying ascendance and continuity – based on the myth of the phoenix rising out of the ashes from Greek mythology.

From 1934, Eli Belovitch and Harry Grosberg wound down the Army Navy General store to focus solely on their RTW business and bespoke offerings. They supplied Belstaff clothing to retailers around Great Britain. They sold clothing, and started to offer a bespoke service for aviators and race car drivers. Belstaff’s custom-made suits and outerwear had to maintain superlative levels of quality to meet the exacting demands of the company’s high profile customers.

Belstaff gained notoriety amongst some of the great moto enthusiasts, adventurers and risk-takers of the 20th century. It appealed, then and now, to adventurers and rugged sportsmen: big-name adventurers like TE Lawrence (aka Lawrence of Arabia) and pioneering aviatrixes such as Amelia Earhart.

The innovative, functional, stylish approach to design spoke to the glamorous sporting interests of the British aristocracy, and enhanced the brand’s ‘cool factor’